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Bad Altitude

You are flying cross-country in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I'll bet you an overpriced on-board sandwich that three-quarters of your fellow passengers can't explain how that half-million-pound machine stays aloft. "It is something about lift...

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Miss Fit

In September of 1964, as my family's green Chevy pulled away from campus, I choked up. I wondered what the heck am I doing? I know NOBODY here, and I am seven hundred miles from home...

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During four summers while in my early teens, I spent time at my Uncle Rod's farm. My dad drove our trusty Studebaker the 330 miles from Omaha to his brother's place in southwest Minnesota. We all spent a couple days at the farm, and then...

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Musings and other nonsense.

Who the hell uses a typewriter anymore? They weigh something around thirty pounds and aren't that hardy. Plus once you type everything up, some jerk has to then type it all up again into a computer. I'm sure getting them serviced isn't easy either. Just seems stupid.

I mean seriously

Short stories and old books.

You don't reach my age without jotting some notes. Take a peak at some of my older work.

That's a lot of books!

I'd love your input.

No, you can't call me. That would be weird. I do have a phone that looks like this though. I had it specially mounted in the car so I can make calls around town. I'm pretty fly for an old guy.

Chicks dig it